Steps To Troubleshoot Moveuser Error 5

In the past few days, some users reported that they encountered moveuser error 5.

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    1. In my personal test environment, I was finally able to use MOVEUSER.EXE to migrate local principals
      Profiles from the old NT domain versus the new AD domain (WS2003).

      But it’s only in production environment that I get some kind of error: “Move failed.
      Error 5: Access Denied. “

      I almost certainly used the syntax “moveuser old-domain user
      new domain user / y “

      moveuser error 5

      I looked at him differently. I did it only with “/ y” or without
      switches at all. I tried this item as new domain / admin logged in as
      old domain / admin as XPcomputername / admin.

      I have a two-way trust relationship between domain names. I have domain admins in AD
      as a member of NT Administrators and vice versa.

      What could have caused this “access denied” error. Authorization?
      Something other ??

      moveuser error 5



    2. Hello rich

      based on my evidence, the likelihood that “Access denied “will expire, caused
      according to registration permits. In particular, special permissions for
      HKLM Software Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList (user problem
      To verify this, suggest using Regmon to get the registry key for
      . watchthe tour continues. You can download it here


      Vincent Xu
      Online Support for Microsoft Partners

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    3. Hi Rich,
      Have you ever moved your computer to a new domain?
      I’ve seen this behavior a lot when the user is logged in and out,
      but the admin may not have restarted before trying to run this command. If
      If so, the computer migrates and inevitably logs on as a
      domain administrator. aDomain, time for the computer that is currently sitting (so you can use the local
      Administrator rights).
      Make sure nothing stays open in the hands of the prouser file (for example, autorun
      Application) is active and the administrator you are logged in as has control of
      appearance folder.
      Best wishes from Germany

    4. HM interesting. I will try this. Thanks for your
      . reachMe / comments! -Rich

    5. Many thanks. In your experience, these are some special permissions that can be
      need to add?

      It might be easier / faster to try / add these permissions as permissions
      Get / run / parse Regmon.


    6. Thanks again Olaf. You were right! I have restarted moveuser
      ran and received no errors.

      EXCEPT then I came across one of them plus “Access Denied”. May bedo you have a substantial idea too?

      After doing moveuser and logging in as a new domain user when I took the subway to
      . wentOpen the file from My Documents. I have “Access Denied”. Have you ever hadThis problem.

      For your information, I moved the transporter to rename the history folder
      from the user.old domain to the domain, the registry will change to
      Change the relevance of the ProfileImagePath to match the discovery of the new folder. i think
      it’s safe and doesn’t sound like it, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

      I expected you to trust MOVEUSER as the number of migrations of my users increased.
      need to be done as quickly as possible. But I’m holding back because they are getting an “Access Denied” message
      If I can’t fix it somehow, there will be a problem in My Documents.


    7. I just had a thought … maybe this task was due to the fact that I needed to restart it after starting
      moveuser ??

      Unfortunately, I left the client site without asking any questions, and I can’t verify which theory is
      at present. But do you know how long the Access Denied feature works when
      Opening MyDocs file, can restarting help? They are like mine
      I need to start my computer beforehow can I control moveuser to heal another
      “Access error?


    8. Hi refused “Rich,
      not sure. My documents have been redirected to my home drive, the best place we are
      adjusted NTFS xcacls mit.vbs permissions since that was never the target
      me. Also, I’ve never renamed a profile, so I can’t show impressions
      here (old named sites die with the days anyway).
      But you can easily check these NTFS permissions in the My Documents folder
      (and files) and adjust if necessary. And in “My Documents” there is a certain standard
      Is the storage location in the local profile directory, or are properties actually redirected to it?
      In this case, moveuser will hardly pay attention to it.
      Best regards, Germany

    9. I just thought I’d post my results:

      Yes, restarting AFTER getting the moveuser seems to be very helpful. I have not met a single one
      more info MyDocs “Access Denied”. Problems, what time do I logComputer rock, etc.
      return to the previous problem profile.

      So the rule of thumb for MOVEUSER seems to be to RESTART BEFORE AND AFTER

      One more thing I finally discovered might be interesting in regards to the profile
      Rename the folder. Although it works because many applications are suitable for everyone in general
      hardcoded paths to your data or function files can be a problem. For
      Example, OUTLOOK … After the name change, the PST link was broken. It was
      simple solution, but who knows what other software I might have problems with
      may be less common with.

      For this reason alone, I would say that renaming profile folders is no longer possible
      it is probably worth the risk of breaking the strategy. I think
      we basically have to live with the names of the previous profile folders, although they are often missing
      Date and delusion. I hope no one is ever more stupid than that
      e. delete e. profile e. active folder because e. he has an old domain, for example


    Servers in the Migration Discussion pioneered by Rich Roller, October 18, 2005

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