Troubleshooting Steps Vrd-vc30

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    IMPORTANT: This file is only used by identified models. All non-models are sold in each country.

    Here is the storage information for the models:

    • VRD-MC3
    • VRD-VC30

    About Download

    Benefits and improvements

    < p>This battery pack upgrades DVDirect VRD-MC3 and VRD-VC30 models to PYC5 firmware version to improve reliability and performance.

    System requirements

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  • Windows® vista >

    operating systems

    • Windows 2000
    • Windows® information

      xp file

  • File Name

    • PYC5WIN Du.EXE

    File From Version

    • pyc5

    file Size

    • 0.78 MB

    Release Date

    • 3/23. 2010
    < H2>Before Departure
    someone >

    • Attention! During the update process, do not turn off your own device, turn off the computer keyboard, or interfere with the player and its connection to the computer. Any interruption may cause the update to fail and render the product unusable.
    • VRD-MC3: Make sure the DVDirect is connected to your computer as an external player and PC mode is on. For more information on how to connect a specific drive to your computer, please refer to the “Connecting DVDirect to your computer” section in the User’s Guide.
    • Please

    • vrd-vc30: make sure your dvdirect player is connected to your external hard drive your PC. Please read “Connecting the DVDirect to a Computer” in the User’s Guide for more information on connecting the player so you can use your computer.
    • Before you continue, make sure that “there is probably no recording on the DVDirect. insert it and the disc tray will close.
    • For our own installation of this important file, make sure you are logged into either the system as an administrator, or as a user administrator with rights.
    • Make sure that

    • so that no one interferes, save the installation, it and close all other channels of work. The taskbar must be empty before continuing due to applications.
    • Customers
    • are strongly encouraged to print these instructions for reference during the installation process.

    Download And Install

    Download with installation instructions

    1. So that no other program interferes with the installation, with saving it works all the time and love all other programs. The taskbar must be free of applications before you can continue.
    2. Download
    3. the PYC5WIN.EXE file to a temporary or bootable directory (note this reference directory).

    4. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded, double-click the PYC5WIN.EXE file if you want to start the installation.
    5. In the “Warning” dialog
    6. , read the warning message, then click “Yes” to continue to.


    7. On the “Sony DVD RW Flash Software” DW-Q120A” ” Please chooseSelect the target drive” to make sure that the drive “DVD RW DW-Q120A” is registered as the target and drive, then click “Update”.
    8. I would say when the update starts, run the manifest turns blue.
      vrd-vc30 troubleshooting

      IMPORTANT: During the system update, turn off the player, do not use the computer keyboard, and do not interfere with the player and its connection to the computer.

    9. In the case of “The specific case of the firmware has been successfully updated!” click OK.
    10. On
    11. “You need to restart your computer.” Click the “Now, Restart” dialog box to restart the computer.

    After the computer restarts, installation of all firmware updates for your DVDirect VRD-MC3 VRD-VC30 is complete.

    > p>

    IMPORTANT! This application is intended for use with well-known models only. Probably not all models will be sold in all countries.

    • vrd-mc3
    • vrd-vc30

    About This Download

    Benefits and improvements

    This utility updates the VRD-MC3 dvdirect and VRD-VC30 models to the PYC5 firmware upgrade for reliability and then performance.

    System Systems

    • System Requirements For Vista®
    • Windows® Windows


    • Windows® XP

    File Info



    File version

    • PYC5

    File size

    • 0.78 date
      • March 23, 2010

      Before Mb

    after Launch

    Important notes